Mobile Servicing

Mobile Car Servicing Croydon

Before you book your car service it’s worthwhile investigating what is included in a full service. Some garages will change the oil and filter, perform a few tyre checks and call it a job well done. However, you ideally want to find a garage or registered mechanic that will perform a service in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. This is especially important for cars that are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. By ensuring the service is performed in accordance to the manufacturer’s requirements will keep your warranty in tact. Failure to service the vehicle to the manufacturer’s standards can invalidate your warranty.


At The Wright Garage we will provide you with a complete checklist of what has been included in your service, and better yet, we come to your home/place of work or other convenient location to complete the necessary steps of your service. We always perform the service in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.

Regular servicing extends the life and maintains the performance of your vehicle. It is designed to identify problems with the vehicle before they become dangerous. Below are a few reasons why you should maintain a regular servicing schedule (at least once a year depending on your annual mileage).

  • Reduce the cost of repairs if caught early in a service
  • Reduce breakdown risk
  • Greater fuel economy and a more green vehicle
  • Increase the life of your vehicle and it’s parts.

To book your competitively priced service at a time and place convenient to you